Tesuque (Tet-Sugeh)

Tesuque is a small Tewa-speaking Pueblo located ten miles north of Santa Fe, a site it has inhabited since 1200 A.D. The Tesuque people played an important role in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, with two of its members acting as messengers who spread news of the uprising throughout the territory. Tesuque has a great reverence for its traditions and continues to practice ancient customs despite pressures from other cultures. Farming remains one of the primary activities of the Tesuque people, and there are a few Tesuque artists creating traditional work, including pottery. Handcrafted figurines decorated with colorful designs are a popular form with collectors of Native American art. Tesuque artists also create silver and bead jewelry, traditional clothing, painting and weaving.

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    Terry Tapia Micaceous Turtle Figurine-Indian Pueblo Store
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