Picuris (Pe’ewi)

Picuris is a small Tiwa-speaking Pueblo located in the Sangre de Cristo mountains 24 miles southeast of Taos, a location the people migrated to around 1250 A.D. Located near two historically important mountain passes, it was once a large and prosperous Pueblo with an impressive prehistoric Pueblo structure that was seven or eight stories tall. Today it has approximately 300 enrolled tribal members and is one of the most remote Pueblos. In the 1980s and early 1990s, residents completed by hand a major restoration of their 200-year-old adobe church, San Lorenzo de Picuris.A few Picuris artists continue to create traditional arts and crafts, including a beautiful micaceous clay pottery that is distinct to Picuris and Taos. The only Pueblo pottery form that is functional, micaceous clay vessels are recognized by their beautiful, almost metallic shimmer. This type of pottery is utilitarian and usually is not decorated or painted. It is a beautiful and ancient art form that has been carefully preserved by Picuris potters.

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