2017 Santa Fe Indian Market Award Winners

Congratulations to all the Native American artists who participated in the 96th annual SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market. Here at Shumakolowa Native Arts, we’re honored to feature so many award-winners this year! Explore our 2017 SWAIA collection and find your favorite pieces by some of these amazing artists, including Best of Show winner Pat Pruitt (Laguna/Apache). 


I: Division A: Traditional Jewelry using culturally acceptable materials (including silver, beads, quills, brass, copper, stones shells, etc.), traditional techniques and designs Best of Division: Jennifer Medina

IA: Category 101 — Necklaces First place: Jennifer Medina I: Division B: Traditional stones and shells (pre-contact-style jewelry) Best of Division: Gerard and Mary L. Calabaza

IB: Category 201 — Necklaces First place: Gerard and Mary L. Calabaza

IB: Category 207 — Coordinated sets Second place: Gerard and Mary L. Calabaza

IC: Category 303 — Rings First place: Shane Hendron
Honorable mention: Ken Romero

IC: Category 307 — Buckles (including ranger sets) First place: Christopher and Pat Pruitt

IC: Category 308 — Ketohs and bolos Second place: Ken Romero

IC: Category 309 — Coordinated sets Honorable mention: Pat Pruitt

Class II: Pottery — Angie Yazzie (Taos Pueblo)

II: Division B: Traditional Painted Pottery Best of Division: Erik Fender

IIB: Category 603 — Painted polychrome pottery in the style of Cochiti, Santo Domingo, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Tesuque, Nambe, San Juan, Pojoaque, any form First place: Erik Fender

IIB: Category 604 — Painted poly-chrome pottery in the style of Jemez, Zia, Santa Ana, Sandia, San Felipe, Isleta, any form First place: Marcellus Medina

IID: Category 806 — With added elements (like beads, feathers, stones etc), any form Second place: Erik Fender

IIE: Category 903 — Figures, including sets Second place: Marcus Wall

IIE: Category 904 — With added elements (like beads, feathers, stones etc), any form Second place: Noreen Simplicio

IIE: Category 905 — Miscellaneous Honorable mention: Hubert Candelario

IIE: Category 907 — Painted, any form Second place: Frederica Antonio Honorable mention: Lorraine Gala-Lewis

Classification V — Sculpture Best of Class: Pat Pruitt (Laguna Pueblo)

V: Division A: Representational Sculpture (realistic/stylized) Best of Division: Pat Pruitt

VA: Category 1902 — Cast metal Second place: Joe Cajero Jr.

VA: Category 1903 — Fabricated metal First place: Pat Pruitt

VA: Category 1907 — Clay First place: Kathleen Wall

VID: Category 2501 — Garments Second place: Penny Singer

VIE: Category 2601 — Sprang, knitting, finger weaving, braiding, crochet Second place: Aric Chopito

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