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  • Native American Icons: Leeka Deyuse (1889-1966)

    Today the artwork of Leekya Deyuse is shown in museums and collections throughout the world because of his craftsmanship and artistry, and lives on in the artwork of his family. We hope this look into the art and legacy of Leekya Deyuse will enhance your knowledge of American Indian art and provide insight into how he’s influenced generations of carvers.

  • Jewelry Collectors Guide: Mosaic Jewelry

    This collector's guide features mosaic jewelry to help connoisseurs and those new to American Indian art discover new meaning behind cherished pieces that showcase the artistry and excellence of Pueblo jewelers.
  • Five Things You Should Know About Native American Weavings

    Few things are more attractive and meaningful than having an authentic Native American weaving in your home. While weavings take on many forms fro...
  • Jewelry Collectors Guide – Concho Jewelry

    The concho (or “shell” in Spanish) is one of the most widely recognized shapes in Native American jewelry, often featuring a sterling silver oval or circle that is stamped with a central radiating design. The team at the Indian Pueblo Store hopes this concho jewelry guide is helpful to better understand the significance of American Indian art. 

  • 10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas that Support American Indian Artists

    Indian Pueblo Store is a trusted source, connecting consumers to authentic Native American art and artists of the Southwest. We take pride in the relationships we’ve built over the years bringing Pueblo and Native artwork to customers who wish to value authenticity and the spirit of the Southwest. With the holiday season quickly approaching, let us help you find a gift that is truly meaningful, a gift that celebrates art, history, and the culture of the Southwest.

  • Inspired Conversations: Pueblo Trade Routes

    From macaw feathers seen in traditional dance regalia to obsidian tools and pottery, trading became an important form of commerce, a way to sustain life, a means of communication, and a way for communities to create connections and alliances among cultures.

  • Caring for Native American Musical Instruments

    Whether you’ve purchased a Native American musical instrument for yourself or as a gift for a musician in your life, we’ve prepared this instrument care and maintenance guide to help you properly maintain your cherished instruments that celebrate the beauty and spirituality of Pueblo culture.

  • Five Must-Have Books to Add to Your Collection

    At the Indian Pueblo Store, we believe in supporting and connecting our guests with beautiful handcrafted Native American art, rich stories behind the art, and information and resources to help you gain deeper insight and knowledge. We hope these book recommendations add value and meaning to your art and literary collections.

  • Pottery Collector’s Guide: Pueblo Storytellers

    Figurative pottery was revived in the twentieth century and clay figurines have since become one of the most popular and widely collected Native American art forms. We developed this convenient guide focused on Pueblo Storytellers as an aide to learn more about these cherished forms.
  • Native American Icons: Maria Martinez

    Maria Martinez (San Ildefonso Pueblo) is one of the most famous Native American pottery artists of the twentieth century. Martinez reinvented and reinvigorated centuries-old pottery traditions of San Ildefonso Pueblo and established Native American pottery as an art form while maintaining a strong connection to her community, culture and traditions...
  • Five Things to Know About Contemporary Native American Artists

    Contemporary Native American art reflects modern ideas, values and experiences. The art can be described as an embodiment of creativity and innovation striving to balance and push traditional cultural boundaries and norms. With an evolving cultural identity, we’ve put together five ways in which contemporary Native artists are shaping and re-defining new standards in Native American art.

  • A Collector's Guide to Channel Inlay

    We share this collector's guide on channel inlay technique to help connoisseurs and those new to American Indian art discover new meaning behind cherished pieces that showcase the artistry and excellence of Pueblo jewelers.

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