Five Must-Have Books to Add to Your Collection

Five Must-Have Native American Art Books to Add to Your Collection

At the Indian Pueblo Store, we believe in supporting and connecting our guests with beautiful handcrafted Native American art, rich stories behind the art, and information and resources to help you gain deeper insight and knowledge. We hope these book recommendations add value and meaning to your art and literary collections.

From world-renowned turquoise expert Joe Dan Lowry comes an amazing coffee table book centered on turquoise in all its complexities. Adding this comprehensive book to your collection offers a wealth of information on one of the world’s rarest and most colorful gemstones. With vivid photography and several stories behind the special stone, this book is a treasure trove of information.

This book explores traditional and modern styles of blankets, clothing, and rugs from the Native American Pueblos of the Southwest, Navajo weavers, and textile styles found along the Rio Grande River and northern Mexico. From the storied past of trading posts, to the materials and symbolism within these textiles, this book brings new understanding to your collection and includes helpful tips to identify imitations.

For hundreds of years, Native Americans of the Southwest region have created beautiful carvings from wood and stone. Well-known Zuni Pueblo and Hopi carvers create deeply meaningful pieces rich with symbolism. Adding this book to your collection allows you to explore the traditional Southwestern Native American stories and beliefs of these extraordinary carvings.

While the Southwest is widely known for handcrafted pottery and jewelry, this book celebrates a group of groundbreaking Native American artists, influenced by their cultural heritage, working with glass as a medium. By adding this book to your collection, one will explore the evolution of Native American art and learn more about Native artists such as Jody Naranjo, a fifth-generation Santa Clara Pueblo artist.

With a good balance of both traditional and modern pottery, this book reveals personal views of Pueblo potters through conversations, stories and dreams. This unique perspective spans generations and allows the reader to connect with artists in a unique way. The book will add a fascinating interpretation of Native American pottery of the Southwest to your collection.


The Indian Pueblo Store is a trusted connection to Native American Art and Artists of the Southwest and a respected resource for learning more about Native American Art and how to enjoy treasured pieces for years to come. We hope this book list helps you build your art book collection and sparks inspiration to explore the many books on art at the Indian Pueblo Store.


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