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  • 10 Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2021 | Thoughtful Gifts for Dad

    With Father’s Day approaching, let us help you find a gift for the father or father-figure in your life that is truly meaningful, a gift that celebrates art, history and the culture of the Southwest. Here are ten thoughtful gift ideas...
  • Five Easy Ways to Incorporate Native American Jewelry into Your Wardrobe

    If you've visited our store in the last five years, you've had the opportunity to meet Indian Pueblo Store Sales Lead, Shane Smith (Navajo) and experienced first-hand his passion for Native American art and heard his expert advice and recommendations on how to easily incorporate Native American jewelry into your wardrobe.

  • Pueblo Pottery Meaning and Symbolism

    The most celebrated and recognized art form of New Mexico’s 19 Pueblo communities didn’t begin as an art form at all. Pottery was created by ancestral Puebloan people out of necessity and over many generations...
  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts She Will Love that Celebrate Native American Art & Culture

    We’ve created this thoughtful gift guide to celebrate the matriarchs in our lives whose strength, wisdom, and guidance give us direction and purpose. Let us help you find a gift that is a meaningful celebration of motherhood.
  • Collectors Guide: Zuni Pueblo Carvings & Fetishes

      At the Indian Pueblo Store, we work to connect you to resources and information to enhance your understanding of Native American art and artists...
  • Talented Native Artist Dominic Arquero Shares Gifts Bestowed From a Higher Power

    As a Native American from Cochiti Pueblo, Dominic Arquero believes art is in his DNA.  In his lineage and among their ancestors, in his words, art was a necessity.  Growing up, his uncle, teacher and renowned artist Manuel “Bob” Chavez (Cochiti Pueblo) was his mentor and creative inspiration.
  • Collector’s Guide to Unique Native American Pottery Styles: Sgraffito

    In this collectors guide we introduce the Native American pottery style known by the Italian word Sgraffito, meaning “to scratch.”
  • Pro Tips for Starting Your American Indian Art Collection

    For even seasoned collectors, the prospect of acquiring authentic Native American art can be an intimidating pursuit.  The enterprising collector must be at once an art aficionado as well as a discerning detective, weeding out fraud and deception to ensure authenticity.  Add to that the bevy of different types of creative works, from intricately woven rugs for which Navajo artisans are famous, to the painstakingly chiseled details of a sculpture or the magnificence of a colorful acrylic on canvas. Learn more and read our Pro Tips!
  • Jewelry Collector’s Guide: The Squash Blossom

    The squash blossom necklace is a bold statement piece that represents a storied legacy of jewelry-making by Native Americans of the Southwest. 
  • 7 Native American Pueblo Artists You Should Know

    When it comes to authentic Native American art, New Mexico’s Pueblo communities are a culturally rich environment, and at times it can be difficult to distinguish among such an elite group of Native American potters and artists. Though there is great diversity across a vast swath of mediums and styles, including jewelry, art and pottery, we wanted to highlight a number of Native American artists whose work, for various reasons, sets them apart from the crowd. Several reflect a lineage passed down through generations while others are paving their own unique path. We put together the following list as an introduction to some of these renowned artists, along with a brief summary of their work.
  • Tony Sangre

    Get to know acclaimed pottery artist Tony Sangre (Isleta Pueblo) as he shares his artistic inspiration and the moments that have defined his award-winning career.

  • Getting to Know Turquoise

    For thousands of years Native American people of the Southwest have made, worn, and traded mosaic inlay and beads of turquoise, shell, bone, or stone. Learn more about Turquoise.

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