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  • Five Must-Have Books to Add to Your Collection

    At the Indian Pueblo Store, we believe in supporting and connecting our guests with beautiful handcrafted Native American art, rich stories behind the art, and information and resources to help you gain deeper insight and knowledge. We hope these book recommendations add value and meaning to your art and literary collections.

  • Pottery Collector’s Guide: Pueblo Storytellers

    Figurative pottery was revived in the twentieth century and clay figurines have since become one of the most popular and widely collected Native American art forms. We developed this convenient guide focused on Pueblo Storytellers as an aide to learn more about these cherished forms.
  • Native American Icons: Maria Martinez

    Maria Martinez (San Ildefonso Pueblo) is one of the most famous Native American pottery artists of the twentieth century. Martinez reinvented and reinvigorated centuries-old pottery traditions of San Ildefonso Pueblo and established Native American pottery as an art form while maintaining a strong connection to her community, culture and traditions...
  • Five Things to Know About Contemporary Native American Artists

    Contemporary Native American art reflects modern ideas, values and experiences. The art can be described as an embodiment of creativity and innovation striving to balance and push traditional cultural boundaries and norms. With an evolving cultural identity, we’ve put together five ways in which contemporary Native artists are shaping and re-defining new standards in Native American art.

  • A Collector's Guide to Channel Inlay

    We share this collector's guide on channel inlay technique to help connoisseurs and those new to American Indian art discover new meaning behind cherished pieces that showcase the artistry and excellence of Pueblo jewelers.
  • Exploring the Theme of ‘Long Ago’ with Acclaimed Artist Myron Sarracino

    Myron Sarracino, an award-winning Native American pottery artist, has been actively handcrafting pottery since 1984. Born in the village of Seama on Laguna Pueblo in 1967, the artist learned pottery-making from his grandmothers and famed potter Gladys Paquin. Explore the Theme of ‘Long Ago’ with Acclaimed Artist Myron Sarracino.

  • Caring for Native American Pottery

    The Indian Pueblo Store is a trusted connection to Native American Art and Artists of the Southwest and a respected resource for learning more about Native American Art and how to enjoy treasured pieces for years to come. Please use this convenient care guide to help care for your cherished collection of Pueblo Indian pottery. 

  • 10 Inspiring Books to Read This Summer!

    We’ve put together an inspiring summer reading list for lazy summer days or an escape from the everyday. From fictional tales by Native American authors, to historical takes and memoirs, we have something for everyone, including kids!

  • 10 Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2021 | Thoughtful Gifts for Dad

    With Father’s Day approaching, let us help you find a gift for the father or father-figure in your life that is truly meaningful, a gift that celebrates art, history and the culture of the Southwest. Here are ten thoughtful gift ideas...
  • Five Easy Ways to Incorporate Native American Jewelry into Your Wardrobe

    If you've visited our store in the last five years, you've had the opportunity to meet Indian Pueblo Store Sales Lead, Shane Smith (Navajo) and experienced first-hand his passion for Native American art and heard his expert advice and recommendations on how to easily incorporate Native American jewelry into your wardrobe.

  • Pueblo Pottery Meaning and Symbolism

    The most celebrated and recognized art form of New Mexico’s 19 Pueblo communities didn’t begin as an art form at all. Pottery was created by ancestral Puebloan people out of necessity and over many generations...
  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts She Will Love that Celebrate Native American Art & Culture

    We’ve created this thoughtful gift guide to celebrate the matriarchs in our lives whose strength, wisdom, and guidance give us direction and purpose. Let us help you find a gift that is a meaningful celebration of motherhood.

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