The Fall Look

Presented by Shane Smith (Navajo)
Model:  Angela Cedeno (Navajo/Zia)
Video: Isaac Valenzuela (Acoma/Navajo)

Happy fall, my Elegant peeps!

Wow, it’s fall here in New Mexico, and our temperatures have dropped significantly overnight in the past couple of days! But you know what? That’s okay because we can acclimate to our surroundings at the drop of a hat, too—we’re on to you, Mother Nature!

At this time, I just want to go out of my way and say thank you to all you wonderful people who watch our little episodes! I met a great deal of you within the past couple of months, and more specifically, during New Mexico’s famous Balloon Fiesta. It such a pleasure meeting you all, and impressive seeing just how far our vlog can travel the world! Thank you from all of us here at Shumakolowa Native Arts! Continue Reading >

With that being said, let’s go over what we’ve put together for you. So, as you may know, it’s time to start pulling out those warmer clothes (e.g., sweaters, heavy shirts, jackets, etc.) One thing I want to stress is utilizing what you have. Sometimes we don’t have extra monetary resources to be buying new things, so what do you do? As mentioned, use what you have!

Take those old pins or belt buckles and attach them to your items. We put together a new look just by adding a pin to our stocking caps, and turned a beautiful scarf into an eye-stopping showpiece by using a belt buckle! The possibilities are endless!

Next, we added a bit of color and warmth to our looks by showing you the latest trend of wearing busy socks. Our pattern of socks replicated Native symbols and designs, and utilizes bright colors! When I was growing up, solid colors were to be worn: black, brown, gray.

As Albert said in the movie The Bird Cage, “One does need a hint of color!” And how true that is! I think it just breaks the idea that one shouldn’t be so serious, and it’s a great conversation starter!

I know most people dread the holidays, but I was born in the holiday season and just happen to love the October through December months! I also love cooking, and my responsibility is the TURKEY! So one thing I love to utilize is my trusty apron. In our video, I showed you a nice purple one with hummingbirds that is more for my female viewers.

To be honest, I love wearing my Bluebird flour-sack apron when I cook. I tend to wear it the rest of the day, usually over my good clothes because sometimes I spill a little something, or I need to wash dishes and so forth. Bottom line, aprons come in all styles and colors. Add a bit of beauty to your kitchen, and why not look good doing it! LOL!

And lastly is the icing on the cake—JEWELRY! Did you check out the necklace that I had my co-worker, “Angela,” wear? It’s branch coral with turquoise tabs, sterling silver square spacers, and hand-carved white clamshell heishi. There’s going to be a lot of holiday parties and get-togethers that you could wear those to! And, and . . . paired with the red leather sterling silver stamped bow guard. It’s getting warm in here!
The use of the reds during the cold months adds a bit of warmth to any look, hence the earrings, too! Both earrings shown are Zuni inlay, one being strictly coral, and the other blending the traditional colors of turquoise, jet, coral, mother of pearl, and set in sterling silver. What a combo!

The idea behind this look is blending together what you have. Most people think you can only wear certain items with similar items—NO! Pair them with something out of the ordinary! Make a statement, or make it YOUR statement!

Well, my Elegant peeps, I hope you all have a very fun and safe fall. Be sure to watch out for others, and remember that beauty doesn’t just come from having pretty things, it comes from being you!! Love you all!

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  • Beautiful work and style for any person to enjoy for the holidays! The colors of fall surround us with gorgeous folliage. It makes me want to go outside and enjoy nature.

    Theresa Barreras
  • Shane, you rock the beanie!

    Karla Van

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