San Felipe is one of the most culturally conservative of all the Keresan-speaking people.Located about 35 miles north of Albuquerque on the Rio Grande River, the Pueblo is known for its passion for preserving traditional customs and values. The community takes great pride in its ancient origins and heritage and, with a strong ceremonial structure and practice of traditional rituals, has remained a vital and distinctive entity. During its feast day on May 1, hundreds of men, women and children participate in traditional green corn dances. There is little historical information on the artistic traditions of San Felipe, though with the revival of traditional Native arts and crafts in recent decades, a handful ofSan Felipe artists have again started creating exquisite beadwork and heishi. There are also talented contemporary potters working in a range of styles and techniques and known for their willingness to innovate as there is no signature San Felipe pottery style. Many of these artists are self-taught and are interested in preserving the unique cultural traditions of San Felipe.

From San Felipe

Hubert Candelario Pueblo Pottery Ceramic Travel Mug
Hubert Candelario Pueblo Pottery Ceramic Travel Mug - Shumakolowa Native Arts
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