Percy and Charlotte Reano

  • Renowned jewelers from the Pueblo of Santo Domingo and San Felipe
  • Husband and wife duo known for handcrafting exquisite heishi jewelry
  • Traditional heishi, inlay, contemporary, and statement pieces

Charlotte and Percy Reano are a husband and wife team of highly skilled jewelry artists from Santo Domingo Pueblo. Percy is a member of the famed Reano family who revived the tradition of inlay jewelry in Santo Domingo. Charlotte is originally from San Felipe Pueblo.

The pair often collaborates to make vivid one-of-a-kind inlay designs and very small multi-strand heishi jewelry. Charlotte does most of the drilling and stringing of the heishi beads, and helps cut the stones for the mosaics. Percy focuses on cutting and inlaying their impressive mosaic pieces.

Percy has won numerous SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market awards, and awards from the Haskell Indian Art Market in Lawrence Kansas. He no longer competes, as he feels he’s won more than enough awards, and wishes to allow room for new rising artists to shine.

“We’ve worked with the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and Shumakolowa Native Arts for over 20 years, and really like all the great staff and buyers. We appreciate that both are Native owned and operated, and that all artists get treated equally and fairly.” – Percy Reano

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