Top 12 Unique Native American Inspired Gifts

Top 20 Unique Native American Inspired Gifts

For more than 35 years, we’ve made it our priority to visit artists in their studios or homes to purchase their latest handcrafted pieces and learn about their work. We have developed lasting relationships with artists, as well as dealers and collectors, and we take pride in being a trusted destination for Native American Art and products that celebrate the spirit of the Southwest.

This holiday season, we’ve developed this list to help you find the perfect gift to celebrate American Indian Art with everyone on your list.


Gifts For Her...

Amelda Peynetsa Turquoise Turtle Earrings $75

Amelda Peynetsa Turquoise Turtle Earrings

The turtle is an important creature to many Native American cultures, including the Pueblos of New Mexico.

Celebrate the lady in your life with these earrings that are a reminder of the care we must show—and respect we must give—our home, Mother Earth.


Sterling Silver Turquoise Cuff Watch $275 

The watch tips of this cuff watch are handcrafted from sterling silver and blue turquoise by Navajo artists, and feature a highly detailed applique design.

With a sterling silver cuff bracelet band, you get the style of a high-end bracelet with the functionality of a watch.


Aric Chopito Blue Southwest Pattern Apron $30 

Aric Chopito Blue Southwest Pattern Apron

Zuni Pueblo weaver Aric Chopito shares his recent creation with this apron that makes the perfect gift for the chef on your list. It's the perfect way to add a touch of the Southwest to your kitchen!



Gifts For Him...

Danny Estate Coral Petit Point Bolo $165 

Danny Estate Coral Petit Point Bolo

Created through the traditional Zuni Pueblo jewelry technique of needle point, the design features a cluster of red coral stones accented with sterling silver roping and beading. This timeless bolo is a wearable piece of art sure to complement any wardrobe.


Upton "Greyshoes" Ethelbah Buffalo Dancer Bronze Sculpture $2150 

Upton "Greyshoes" Ethelbah Buffalo Dancer Bronze Sculpture

This highly dimensional piece with fine attention to detail is beautifully created, showcases movement within its form, and is a striking representation between traditional and contemporary elements, which is typical in Ethelbah’s work. With a Sunface on the top, an arrow on one side, and a rattle on the other, this sculpture embodies elements of Pueblo culture and would be an extraordinary addition to your collection of fine art.


Dean Johnson Stone and Wood Peace Pipe $175 

Dean Johnson Stone and Wood Peace Pipe

The carved pipe bowls are created from Minnesota pipestone, various alabasters, soapstone, and basalt. The stems are made from juniper cedar which offers a unique cedar aftertaste.

The gift for the man who has it all, this piece can be a treasured piece of art or used as a functional pipe.


Inspired Gifts for Kids...

A Kid's Guide to Native American History $16.95

A Kid's Guide to Native American History: More than 50 Activities

Give the gift of knowledge with this book that has more than 50 hands-on activities, games, and crafts that explore the diversity of Native American cultures and teach children about the people, experiences, and events that have shaped Native American History.


Pueblo Style Infant Hard Sole Moccasins $60 

Pueblo Style Infant Hard Sole Moccasins

We're proud to offer fine, handcrafted moccasins based on traditional designs and boot making techniques of Southwestern Native Indians. These moccasins by Desert Son are comfortable and durable, unlike most moccasins on the market today. With sizes 2-12, this is a great gift!


Sister Rabbit's Tricks $18.95 

Sister Rabbit's Tricks Book

In Native American culture, stories play a vital role and are often used to teach lessons to children and adults alike. Gift this gift of Sister Rabbit and her adventures—and pair it with our puppets for a fun, interactive storytelling session!


Share your love of American Indian Art with anyone with these gifts...

Paul Ortega Two Worlds & Three Worlds CD $18.60

Two Worlds & Three Worlds CD

Songs are an important element within Native American culture, with the drum seen as the “heartbeat”. In the early 1960's, Mescalero Apache musician, A. Paul Ortega created an iconic sound that forever revolutionized the landscape of Native American music. Two Worlds Three Worlds is a celebration of culture and a must-have for every collection.


Dalton James "Hopi Bear III" Print $30 

Dalton James "Hopi Bear III" Print

Native American people believe strongly in the medicine that we get from the animal spirits. The spirit of an animal teaches us lessons about life that we need to learn.

Gift this gift as a symbol of strength, courage, healing, and protection.


Angelina Yazzie Eye Dazzler Weaving $175 

Angelina Yazzie Eye Dazzler Navajo Small Rug

This weaving by award-winning artist Angelina Yazzie is a wonderful gift that showcases breathtaking patterns and stunning artistry. A celebration of an art form developed in the late 19th century this unique piece is not only a one-of-a-kind piece of art, but is also a celebration of this prized art form.



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