Top 12 Gifts to Celebrate Native American Art

For more than 45 years, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center has proudly partnered with artists from New Mexico’s 19 Pueblo and the greater Southwest to share their art in museum exhibits, in our courtyard markets, and as items within the Indian Pueblo Store.

We take pride in the relationships we’ve built with both renowned and emerging artists to share their crafts, stories, and culture with guests from around the world.

Native American Art

Today, we’ve selected some items that would be a perfect way to celebrate Native American art. We hope you enjoy all the different types of work and mediums in which they were made – and hopefully add one or more of these pieces to your collection as a present to yourself, or as a gift to someone special.

1. Ray Garcia Squash Blossom Earrings

This detailed piece was made from marble, with eyes of turquoise that create the illusion that he is ready to strike. In Zuni Pueblo culture the snake symbolizes life, death, and rebirth, and through this piece Laystone showcases his ability as a skilled carver, allowing the natural shape of the stone to take form.



2. Art Menchego “Fly Like An Eagle” Oil Painting

This wildlife oil painting on canvas entitled "Fly Like An Eagle" was created by Santa Ana Pueblo artist Art Menchego. In this realistic 10" x 8" piece, A background with orange and grey hues, creates a dreamy setting for the emerging horse, as it watches the majestic eagle fly away.

An accomplished artist, known for his detailed animal and portrait work, Menchego expresses a strong connection to the natural and human world.



3. Marie Begay Bird Pictorial Navajo Rug

Handcrafted by master Navajo weaver Marie Begay, this exquisite weaving is a delightful addition to your home. With skill and talent, Marie has woven a pictorial rug depicting "The Tree of Life". This colorful scene consists of a corn stalk rising from a Navajo wedding basket, with birds adorning the leaves of the cornstalk.

An attractive wall hanging for your home, this rug is a lovely representation of the art form that is so central to Navajo life.



4. Chris Charley Sterling Silver Feather Bracelet

Handcrafted by Navajo artist Chris Charley, this oxidized sterling silver cuff bracelet, features a beautiful feather design. Feathers are honored in Native American culture for their connection to the heavens and are a symbol of honor. 



5. Devin P. Howard Butterfly Maiden Owl Figurine

Using all-natural clay and pigments, this beautiful owl was handcrafted by Zuni Pueblo artist Devin P. Howard and is hand painted and adorned with traditional regalia including the traditional belt and headdress.



6. Dancing to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth Print

Created by Cochiti Pueblo artist Dominic Arquero, these prints feature powerful symbols within Native American culture. Arquero was mentored and inspired by the art of legendary artist Manuel "Bob" Chavez also of Cochiti Pueblo.



7. Don Dewa Sunface with Feather Headdress Pendant

Handcrafted by Zuni Pueblo artist Don Dewa, using the channel inlay technique, hand-cut mother of pearl, black jet, coral, and turquoise stones are set together in sterling silver to create the Zuni Sunface with textured feathered headdress atop. 



8. Tony Sangre Carved Plate 

Isleta Pueblo artist Tony Sangre shares his unique blend of traditional pottery and his modern design aesthetic in this decorative plate. Created using commercial clay, this plate features beautifully hand-carved geometric pattern around the rim with a larger circular design at center.



9. Ira Funmaker 16in Cedar Flute

Handcrafted by skilled Ho-chunk artisan and woodworker Ira Funmaker, these beautifully made cedar flutes are lightweight and sturdy making them an instrument that you'll enjoy carrying with you. A closer look and you'll see bits of turquoise used to give it a special and added element.

The Native American flute is known around the world for its haunting, plaintive sound and is said to bring a sense of tranquility to musicians and listeners alike. An excellent choice for both experienced and novice musicians, this flute will connect you to a vibrant tradition and inspire balance and creativity in your life.



10. Andres Lementino Travertine Horse Fetish Carving

Handcrafted by Zuni Pueblo fetish carver Andres Lementino, this horse was created with travertine stone with touches of turquoise added for its eyes.  Its backside has a detailed inlaid multi-gemstone sun face symbol.  



11. George Toya Rain Serpents Painting

This large-scale original painting from well-known Jemez Pueblo artist George Toya is a striking example of art that showcases Toya's talent as an artist in the vibrant colors and energetic scenes signature to his work.

This 36" X 36" acrylic on canvas painting features two intertwined rain serpents flowing across a bold rain cloud design watched over by a detailed moon. Full of symbolism and meaning, this celestial painting is an unforgettable celebration of the spirituality and culture of the Pueblo people.



12. Carol Lucero Gachupin Butterfly Seed Pot

This unique and whimsical seed pot was handcrafted by Jemez Pueblo potter Carol Lucero Gachupin and features the butterfly a representation of beauty, transformation and rebirth. With a removable lid, this piece can hide and protect small treasures. 

Taught by her mother, Margaret Lucero, Carol grew up around clay and learned from her mother when and how to work with the clay and how to make natural pigments from elements of the Earth. Later, she was exposed to the work of Marie Romero's bowls and wedding vases and was inspired to create her own style of storytellers and wedding vases. A unique and highly detailed work from a talented potter, this statement piece adds instant merit to any art collection.


At Indian Pueblo Store, we guarantee that your purchase is an original and authentic work handcrafted by Native American artists as defined by the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990. We ask our artists to complete an extensive certification process, providing a CIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood) card and other documentation of their Native American heritage. Our team of experts carefully inspects every product to guarantee it is handcrafted using traditional, sustainable processes, and natural materials of only the highest quality. We record the place and date of each purchase, and pride ourselves in paying a fair price that allows artists to make a living practicing their craft. Every work of handcrafted art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by an artist or buyer.


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