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  • How to Take Care of Authentic Native American Art and Jewelry

    Whether you’ve purchased handcrafted Native American art as a memento of a trip to the Southwest, as a statement of fashion or style, or simply as an investment, you will want to take the best care possible of your newly acquired treasure. This convenient guide shows you how to care for authentic Native American crafts...

  • Storytellers in Words and Clay

    Indigenous storytelling is often oral – stories, songs, chants, and prayers – and suffused with rituals and spiritual nature. It is the oldest form of knowledge transfer from generation to generation. Visual storytelling takes the form of sculptures, pottery, paintings, petroglyphs, and physical movement.

  • Carol Lucero Gachupin: Telling a Story of Walatowa Storytellers

    From red rocks to white hills and green fields, this is the place where Towa words ride the wind, reaching the ears of corn along the Jemez River, and the ears of the Walatowa people. Growing up in Jemez Pueblo with a love for art and words, how could Carol Lucero Gachupin not be destined to create storytellers?

Your connection to authentic Pueblo art and artists...

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