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  • Looking Back … Looking Forward

    For more than 40 years, the Indian Pueblo Store staff have made it a priority to visit artists in their studio or home to purchase their latest han...
  • Collectors Guide: Zuni Pueblo Carvings & Fetishes

      At the Indian Pueblo Store, we work to connect you to resources and information to enhance your understanding of Native American art and artists...
  • Pro Tips for Starting Your American Indian Art Collection

    For even seasoned collectors, the prospect of acquiring authentic Native American art can be an intimidating pursuit.  The enterprising collector must be at once an art aficionado as well as a discerning detective, weeding out fraud and deception to ensure authenticity.  Add to that the bevy of different types of creative works, from intricately woven rugs for which Navajo artisans are famous, to the painstakingly chiseled details of a sculpture or the magnificence of a colorful acrylic on canvas. Learn more and read our Pro Tips!
  • Jewelry Collector's Guide: Zuni Cluster Work, Petit Point & Needle Point

    At Indian Pueblo Store we pride ourselves in our connection to the artist, authentic artwork, and knowledgeable staff. We'd like to share this Zuni jewelry collector guide focused on Zuni Cluster work in hopes that you'll find new meaning behind your cherished pieces that showcase the artistry and excellence of Zuni Pueblo artists. 

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