Stunning Sterling for Summer Special Occasions

by Shane Smith,
Model:  Chrissie Waquie
Video: Isaac Valenzuela

Hello, everyone!

We’re back this month bringing you another look that we have put together for you!

We begin our look with a beautiful squash blossom with three turquoise stones by Mirley Johnson. Squash blossoms are one of those timeless pieces that are given usually at milestones in one’s life – hence, why we see so many being purchased for graduations and weddings. Its beauty is a symbol of loving embrace, traditions and teachings passed on from one generation to the next.

Here in our video, you can see that we paired our beautiful squash blossom with a pair of sterling silver flower earrings by artist Jennifer Medina. We then complimented the two pieces with a rather daring Lee Charley rug-design bracelet, and finished with a single sterling silver shellform ring by Duane Maktima. 

I mainly stuck to using sterling silver because of the natural luster it brings under both natural light and low-light conditions. We could have used more turquoise pieces like so many individuals do, but I wanted the illusion that one should shine like a star in the sky – Aeee!

If you ever have the chance to wear, or have, a squash blossom necklace . . . start utilizing it! I know I mentioned that these are only for special occasions, but in fact they are not. Among my people, friends, and family, we wear what we have even if it’s with sweat clothes! Because when you think about it, what good is it doing just sitting in a jewelry box or dresser drawer? Get out there and wear your jewelry!

If you like the pieces we used in our demo, come by the shop and see them in person, or get a closer look now at the bottom of this post, and be sure to hit us up on our social media sites!

Thanks again everyone, and have a great day!

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  • I love the jewelry!!!

    MArie Streppa

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