Our Top 10 Inspiring Gifts for Mother's Day

Inspiring Native American Gifts for Mother's Day

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Life wouldn’t be the same without the matriarchs and influential women who help guide us with their wisdom, love, and support. Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate them with a gift that’s truly meaningful, thoughtful, and one-of-a kind (just like her!) Let us help you with this list of inspiring, hand-crafted gifts that inspire – all made by women.

1. Angelina Bailon Standing Storyteller Necklace & Earring Set  

This handcrafted necklace and earring set by Angelina Bailon of Santo Domingo Pueblo is a wonderful combination of traditional storyteller-making and Santo Domingo Pueblo jewelry.


2. Selena Warner Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace Set

Stunning and iconic necklace and earring set handcrafted by Navajo silversmith Selena Warner with a traditional naja at the center of this exquisite piece. With beautiful blue turquoise this necklace and earring set is designed to resemble of one of the most recognized necklace silhouettes in the world, the Squash Blossom necklace. Featuring a strand of ridged sterling silver beads accented by fluted graduated turquoise carefully set with sterling silver this bold beautifully crafted necklace and earring set will crown your collection of Native American jewelry. The Squash Blossom is the culmination of decades of Navajo silversmithing and a must-have for any level of Native American jewelry collector. 


3. Carol Lucero Gachupin Kiva Step Wedding Vase

Handcrafted by acclaimed Jemez Pueblo potter Carol Lucero Gachupin this meaningful piece is a true blending of two people in one piece and features a kiva step handle. Brilliantly constructed by hand from natural clay and featuring intricate and meaningful geometric designs painted freehand atop a buff surface, this vase will be a cherished part of any collection. 

Wedding vases are a traditional form of Pueblo pottery used in wedding ceremonies, and the handle is said to represent the union of the couple, making this incredible piece a meaningful wedding or anniversary gift. Elevate your collection of Native American art with this elegant and meaningful wedding vase.


4. Marilyn Ray Kiva Step Bowl

This stunning bowl is a beautiful work of art handcrafted by Acoma Pueblo potter Marilyn Ray. Known for her use of traditional clay and all-natural pigments, this piece speaks for itself capturing her talent in carefully painting each line and element to form a unique and precise geometric pattern throughout.


5. De Haven Solimon Chaffins "Between The Two Worlds" Painting

With eye-catching hues and a dynamic use of space award-winning artist, De Haven Solimon Chaffins captures the beauty of the Southwest in this stunning acrylic on canvas painting entitled, Between The Two Worlds. From the Pueblos of Laguna and Zuni, De Haven captured the beauty of nature in this unforgettable piece that is sure to become a cherished piece in any home. 


6. Claudia Peina Dancing Bear

This dancing bear bear fetish from Zuni Pueblo artist Claudia Peina is a stunning and unique representation of an ancient art. Hand carved from Kingman variety mosaic turquoise, this dancing bear stands happily on one foot with black jet eyes and smile raised towards the sky. This carving is a symbol of strength, courage, healing and protection, making this piece a meaningful addition to your Native American art collection.

Mosaic turquoise is also referred to as composite turquoise and is rated as genuine turquoise by the Gemological Institute of America due to the fact that it is genuine turquoise bonded together with brass into a larger piece. 


7. Jessica Peynetsa Chavez Turquoise Channel Inlay Bracelet

Handcrafted by Zuni Pueblo silversmith Jessica Peynetsa Chavez, this eye catching sterling silver cuff bracelet features turquoise and sterling silver roping along the edges. With a classic silhouette, this channel inlay cuff bracelet can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets to create a truly unique look.

Channel inlay is a distinctive jewelry technique closely associated with Native American people of the Southwest, particularly Zuni jewelers. When creating channel inlay jewelry, artists set precisely cut gemstones into pre-formed silver channels. The technique allows artists to use colorful combinations of gemstones in complex and creative patterns. Channel inlay requires masterful silversmithing and lapidary skills, and is utilized by Native American jewelers to create magnificent jewelry pieces recognized for their craftsmanship and beauty as art.


8. Shannon Calavaza Frog Carving

Handcrafted by Zuni Pueblo artist Shannon Calavaza this playful frog is full of character with a wide grin and bright turquoise inlay for his eyes. Carved from Travertine Marble, also known as brown onyx, this carving is sure to be a special piece in any collection. 


9. Turquoise Petit Point Cluster Pin/Pendant

Handcrafted by Zuni Pueblo artists, this pin draws upon the Zuni legacy of superior silver and lapidary work.  Featuring finely cut blue turquoise gemstones inlaid in sterling silver, this pin forms a beautiful floral cluster shape that evokes the traditional Zuni jewelry style of petit point. The pin features a hidden pendant bail and can be worn on small chains or cords. This pin will be treasured for generations.


10. Burdian Soseeah Floral Sunface Earrings

Handcrafted by Zuni Pueblo artist Burdian Soseeah, these colorful button earrings celebrate a storied history of jewelry-making. The beautifully crafted piece features sterling silver and gemstones of blue turquoise, red coral, mother of pearl and black jet. Created through the traditional Zuni jewelry technique of channel inlay, the design features a sun face symbol and sun rays radiating out from the center. The silhouette also evokes a flower shape, making these earrings a feminine and flattering pair that will complement every face.


We hope these items have spurred your imagination in finding the perfect gift for the mother figure in your life, plus a way to support Native artists and culture. And remember, we’re the perfect stop for gifts like jewelry, weavings, books, household items, and much more – with a wide variety of prices for every budget. Make us your first stop for the special, fascinating, and one-of-a kind for everyone on your list. We even have gift cards available for those who like to choose the perfect item for themselves!

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