Gardening with Glamour

Presented by Shane Smith
Model:  Deanna Martinez
Model: Diandra Bird
Video: Isaac Valenzuela


Hello, everyone!

The gang and I are back again! Have you all noticed the hot weather we’ve been having here in ABQ lately? It’s hotter than frybread grease at the New Mexico State Fair! But, on the bright side, we can start pulling out those t-shirts, jeans, and shorts, and start acclimating to the weather!

Speaking of t-shirts, have you guys and gals checked out our new Pueblos of New Mexico t-shirts? It was a coincidence at the time of our jewelry photo shoot that my co-worker Deanna just happened to be wearing one – what luck!

This time around, I wanted to show you a dressed-down kind of look because let’s face it, sometimes we’re not all dressed in our best. I borrowed my coworker Deanna for this project because on her Fridays she tends to go casual, and that was a perfect choice!

I was originally going with only one artist for the necklace, but I’m a sucker for layering, so I chose another. Featured here are three pink-marbled-agate necklaces by Joe Pacheco from Santo Domingo Pueblo, and some beautiful oxidized sterling silver Navajo pearls by Virginia Tso (Navajo/Diné). It’s always been a belief of mine that if your necklace is composed of all stones, you need to add something to it, hence the addition of sterling silver – and not just any silver – oxidized! The oxidation process dulls out the natural luster of the silver and makes it look like those old-pawn-style necklaces.

When putting together this look, I knew the oxidized sterling would make the agate necklaces pop, so I included a butterfly bracelet, diamond-shaped earrings, and butterfly pendant – yes, all stamped, all oxidized silver, and all by Vincent Platero (Navajo/Diné).

What a perfect choice! It just takes our look to the next level, and even if our outfit is toned down, the jewelry just sets the tone.

Oops, I almost forgot! Did you notice the beautiful rings (dragonfly and drop) also? I know it was a bit excessive, but hey, you only live once! As I’m writing this, I already forgot who they were by, but we’ll link the information to them on our site – LOL. The other bracelet that my co-worker is pictured with is actually a necklace, also by Virginia Tso (Navajo/Diné). We just wrapped it around her wrist a few times and clipped it! Sometimes you just gotta make your jewelry versatile to work for you!

Well, I’m glad that our look came through, and shows you that you CAN wear jewelry with whatever you have on – even when you’re outside gardening, working cattle, herding sheep, etc.!

Go out there and wear your jewelry!


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  • I found your site when I was looking up an artist and have been delighted by Shane’s blog posts. They are informative, fun, and really showcase your gallery’s beautiful jewelry. I hope he does more posts.

  • I lived in Los Alamos from 1960-64 and still miss New Mexico. I am an avid collector of Indian pottery and fetishes and still miss New Mexico’s people, culture, and scenery after all of these years. It’s time for another “field trip”!!!

    Mary (Horstman) Slater

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