9th Annual Gala

Presented by Shane Smith
Video: Isaac Valenzuela

Hello, my elegant buddies!

It’s me – Shane – and the crew, and we’re back to bring you some more beautiful insight into the world of Native American jewelry!

Things were crazy around here! Inventory chewed us up and spat us out . . . lol. We had nonstop conferences being booked, artist demonstrations, and the list goes on – which just proves that there’s always something you can do here at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center!

That’s why today’s jewelry discussion involves the glitzier side of Shumakolowa! We have our Annual Gala fundraiser event, and this year we have a band coming in, On Tap, and a fashion show! So with that being said, let’s get into the subject of beautiful, wearable art!

So this week I brought together three looks for the ladies, and some suggestions for the guys. First is the beautiful, tiered, spiny oyster and turquoise necklace by Santo Domingo artist Tina Tenorio. I just love this necklace because the color is something you don’t see every day, and pair that with those Doug Etsitty copper earrings and you’re set! The copper I feel gives an overall earthy look for the coming fall months, and radiates a nice warmth vibe!

Second is this beautiful Imogene Goodshot Arquero three-strand beaded necklace, which I call “the dazzler” or “eye-dazzler”! Isn’t it beautiful?! The beads reflect even the tiniest bit of light, so you’re definitely going to be seen wearing this necklace for miles around! Oh, I know in the video I mentioned that the stone may have been jasper, but I was wrong – but hey, I’m not perfect, lol! But it’s actually made of petrified wood, and it has the matching earrings! Hallelujah! Can I get an “amen” in here?!

Whew, gotta cool off! Talking about all this jewelry is getting me worked up! Last but not least for the the ladies, I have the stunning red branch coral with turquoise, sterling silver tips, and white graduated clamshell heishi necklace by artist Rodney Coriz! OMG, I’m scared to touch this necklace because those branches of coral look like flames of fire! Ooooh! Try not to get burned by this beauty! I paired it with some two-toned post earrings and some coral-only pieces just to see how far you can take this look!

And finally, for the gents . . . I know there aren’t too many guys that like to wear jewelry, and if they do, it’s very minimal. So my co-worker, Isaac – you know him as the steady camera man – chose some items that could be worn to any event. He chose a one-of-a-kind bolo by artist Tony Chino that is bold, and is enough for the minimalist man. The turquoise has that older antique style look, and combine that with the sterling silver and leather, and you’re ready to turn those eyes! Speaking of Tony Chino, he also made that beautiful embellished sterling silver bracelet! Isn’t it a piece of art in itself? It’s bold and really doesn’t need his jewelry buddies crowding him! Ha ha! Same could be said for the remarkable Milford Calamity bow guard! Nothing compares to the traditional look of a bow guard on a guy with rolled-up sleeves in his nicely pressed shirt in any color! Last but not least is the Raynard Scott sterling silver leather snap bracelet! This beautiful piece can be worn to any event, and even with everyday clothes –yes, it’s just that good! The leather is actually more comfortable around the wrist, and is more secure, so you know it’s not falling off when getting down on the dance floor! Ha ha!

Well that’s all that I have for you, my beautiful peeps! I hope that you’ll come and see the event if you can, and remember that if you’re not interested in the main event, there’s also the “Support the Cause Celebration” after the main event – and is $20 for a night of drinks, dancing to On Tap, and having fun!

Also, come see me and my co-workers! Get pictures with us, and let us know how you like “Everyday Elegance”!

Remember to bring out those nice pieces you’ve been saving for events like these!

Thanks again for all your support!

May you all walk in beauty!

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  • Shane, you’re really awesome! With each episode your confidence increases,as it should. I’m one of those guys who doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, but when I have my nice pieces on, I realize it’s not just jewelry, it’s art. It’s also fun when someone notices or asks where I found the item. Some of them came from Shumakolowa! Keep up the good work and educating us!

    Dale Schnathorst

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