10 Native American Gifts that Support Artists

For over 40 years, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center has proudly partnered with artists from New Mexico's 19 Pueblos and the greater Southwest to share their art in museum exhibits, in our courtyard markets, and as items within the Indian Pueblo Store. We take pride in the relationships we've built with both renowned and emerging artists to share their crafts, stories, and culture with our guests from around the world. We hope that as you're shopping for gifts this holiday season – for yourself or someone else – that you will consider the Indian Pueblo Store as your trusted connection to authentic Pueblo art and artists.

To help inspire your shopping process, here is a list of 10 unique Native American Gifts that will allow you to show your support for Native American artists.
10 Native American Gifts that Support Artists


10. Veronica Yawakia Needlepoint Earring & Necklace Set


Needlepoint Necklace Set

Make a statement with this earring and necklace set handcrafted by Veronica Yawakia of Zuni Pueblo. This piece truly showcases Vernonica’s lapidary skills in the carefully cut turquoise pieces which are carefully laid into a sterling silver bezel each handmade to fit the stone and form a beautiful pattern.

In Veronica’s work you’ll sense movement in its shape.



9. An American Sunrise: Poems by Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo American Sunrise Book

From the first Native American Poet Laureate of the United States, author, musician, and poet Joy Harjo opens her heart and shares stories from her personal life which she carefully intertwines with American History. 



8."Towards the Light- A Rainbow for Gabby" by Fernando Padilla

Painting by Fernando Padilla

From the Pueblo of San Felipe, Fernando Padilla has established himself as a nationally renowned artist working in multiple mediums including stone, wood, and paintings. In this piece, Fernando shares a look into this world and the beauty that exist when animals and nature connect.

“I enjoy offering my perspective on the experiences, the knowledge, and the creative process of being an artist. It's more than just pretty pictures and witty clichés, it's a lifelong lifestyle of following my spirit and heart.”- Fernando Padilla



7. Traditional Log Drum by Everette Fragua

Everette Fragua Native American Drum

The drum is the heartbeat within our Pueblo community and highly regarded drum-maker Everett Fragua is helping to keep the beat.

From the Pueblo of Jemez, Everette handcrafts his drums from cottonwood and hand-cured hides. These unique pieces celebrate the beauty and spirituality of Pueblo culture.



6. Storyteller with Six Children by Martha Arquero


Storyteller with Six Children by Martha Arquero

Sculpting for over 40 years, award-winning artist Martha Arquero of Cochiti Pueblo continues the storyteller tradition passed on to her by her mother. Using clay and all-natural pigments hand-gathered and processed using traditional methods, Martha’s pieces are truly one-of-a-kind and unique. Celebrate the Pueblo tradition of storytelling and sharing traditions with this figurine that will be treasured for generations.



5. Traditional Micaceous Bowl by Clarence Cruz

Traditional Micaceous Bowl by Clarence Cruz

From Ohkay Owingeh, Clarence Cruz is a traditional pottery artist who is known for using traditional methods to make authentic museum-quality pottery. When gathering natural clay, constructing the pots by hand, and firing outdoors, each step calls upon tradition to form unique and brilliant pieces. Cruz uses three firing methods: an open firing where the flames are allowed to touch the pots, an enclosed firing where the flames do not touch the pots, and a reduction firing where the pots are turned black.



4. Ernest Rangel Cast Bolo Tie

Ernest Rangel Turquoise Cast Bolo Tie

Award-winning artist Ernest Rangel is Navajo silversmith from Gallup, New Mexico, who is also a professional rodeo cowboy. He began making jewelry as a teenager, learning from his mother. He is known for his dramatic and sometimes rugged jewelry styles, and sterling silver belt buckles and bracelets are considered his signature pieces. Often created through traditional tufa casting and overlay methods, Rangel’s work includes both traditional and contemporary design.



3. Sister Rabbit’s Tricks

Sister Rabbit's Tricks

Emmett "Shkeme" Garcia from the Pueblo of Santa Ana Pueblo is a talented storyteller who uses his skill to share the tricks of sister rabbit that ger her in trouble in this unique children’s book. This should be on your Native American Gifts list.

Award-wining author and lead singer of Native Roots, Emmett is a passionate performer who is well-known for sharing is culture with others.



2. Changing Woman Blessing

Changing Woman's Blessing

Navajo flutist Andrew Thomas, whose music aims to preserve Native ways and create awareness of the need for communication across cultures. Through his music, he strives to give back to the community. Thomas most enjoys connecting with people of all cultures and sharing the musical language of the flute, and this album is an extraordinary introduction to his spiritual and inspiring vision.



1. Pueblo Pottery Mug Series

    Native American Pueblo Pottery Coffee Mug Artists

    Launched in 2015, the Pueblo Pottery mugs are a unique way to celebrate the traditional Pueblo pottery styles unique and specific to New Mexico’s pueblos. All of the participating artists receive royalties for each mug sold, with proceeds also supporting the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico. The goal is to eventually have potters from each of New Mexico’s 19 Pueblos produce a mug design representing their Pueblo. These ceramic mugs are a practical way to bring the beauty of traditional Pueblo pottery designs into your everyday life. These are truly inspiring and unique Native American Gifts.


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