10 Inspiring Books to Read This Summer!

10 Inspiring Books to Read This Summer!


We’ve put together an inspiring summer reading list for lazy summer days or an escape from the everyday. From fictional tales by Native American authors, to historical takes and memoirs, we have something for everyone, including kids!


1. An Indigenous People's History of the United States for Young People

Broadening the lens of early United States history for young readers, this book includes discussion topics, archival images, original maps and recommendations for further reading to encourage young readers to think critically about their place in history.


2. The Boy Who Made Dragonfly: A Zuni Myth Retold

Tony Hillerman recounts a Zuni myth told to teach young children about history and morality. The narrative shares a Zuni Pueblo tale of a drought, its consequences on Zuni crops and the benevolence of a neighboring tribe.   


3. Ceremony

Thirty years since its original publication, Ceremony by Laguna Pueblo author Leslie Marmon Silko remains one of the most profound and moving works of Native American literature, a novel that is itself a ceremony of healing. Masterfully written, this book is a must-read and an enduring work of art.


4. The Pueblo Food Experience Cookbook: Whole Food of Our Ancestors

A cookbook by, for and about the Pueblo peoples of New Mexico, this cookbook encourages healing, balance and a return to the original Pueblo foodways. The unique cookbook features thought-provoking essays exploring Pueblo history and culture. Created as a product of the Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute, founded by Roxanne Swentzell at Santa Clara Pueblo. The cookbook acknowledges Executive Chef Ray Naranjo of Indian Pueblo Kitchen, a participant in the original project who influenced some of the recipes.


5. We Are Water Protectors

Join the courageous journey of a young girl as she takes a stand to defend Mother Earth’s most sacred resource, water.


6. Men on the Moon: Collected Short Stories

Acoma Pueblo artist, Simon J. Ortiz, is a keen observer and interpreter of his people's community and culture. Filled with memorable characters and true to Native American tradition, these tales possess the immediacy—and intimacy—of stories conveyed orally.


7. Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings: Poems

A collection of poems exploring the joys and struggles of everyday life contrasted against the grinding politics of being human by the first Native American Poet Laurette of the United States, Joy Harjo.


8. Pueblo Nations: Eight Centuries of Pueblo Indian History

Written by a respected historian, Joe S. Sando of Jemez Pueblo, this rare insider's view of the history of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico illuminates historical traditions before the arrival of Columbus and chronicles the events and changes of the European era from the perspective of those who experienced them. A must read for anyone interested in Pueblo history.


9. The Earth is Weeping: The Epic Story of the Indian Wars for the American West

This book is a sweeping, definitive history of the battles and negotiations that destroyed the Indian way of life, making way for the emergence of the United States we know today.


10. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Heartbreaking, funny and beautifully written book by award-winning author Sherman Alexie chronicles the contemporary adolescence of a Native American boy attempting to avoid the life everyone expects him to live.


The Indian Pueblo Store is a go-to resource for book lovers, from historic Native American perspectives, coffee table books featuring world-renowned artists to fictional tales of adventure, we have it all. Browse our book collection for additional titles to add to your reading list.




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