Inside Santa Fe Indian Market

There is nothing quite like Market weekend! Every August more than 1,000 of the best Native American artist converge on Santa Fe for the Native arts show that has been going on for 94 years: Santa Fe Indian Market. This is truly the chance to see the best of the best and as usual we were blown away by what we saw. We are proud to partner with so many of the artists selected to show their work at Santa Fe Indian Market as well as those artist who participated in the Indigenous Fine Art Market, a new market that brings a contemporary edge to the industry.

We stopped by the booths of the artists we work with to show our support and check out their work. Enjoy our photos from the weekend! 

Gerald Lomaventema (Hopi) >
Jewelry by Gerald Lomaventema (Hopi) >
Michael Kirk (Isleta / Navajo) >
Ken Romero (Taos / Laguna) >
Jewelry by Ken Romero (Taos / Laguna) >
Jewelry by Ken Romero (Taos / Laguna) >
Ellouise Padilla (Santo Domingo) >
Jewelry by Ellouise Padilla (Santo Domingo) >
Elizabeth and Marcellus Medina (Zia) >
Award Winning Pottery by Elizabeth and Marcellus Medina (Zia) >
Stephanie Medina (Santa Domingo) >
Necklace by Stephanie Medina (Santa Domingo) >
Adrian Wall (Jemez) >
Fritz Casuse (Navajo) >
We ran into jeweler Kenneth Johnson (Muscogee/Seminole) and some of the models from SWAIA's fashion show


  • Absolutely beautiful…Jewelry with so precious turquoises , coral, cornalina….are gorgeous The potteries are real art. It a great opportunity for me to see some precious crafts of the Indian Market! I’ll share the page!

    Jenny S.
  • All pieces are outstandingly gorgeous.

    Ellen Persik

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