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Juanita C Fragua

  • Jemez Pueblo Potter
  • Family is affiliated with the Corn Clan
  • Showing at Santa Fe Indian Market since 1971
  • Won many awards

We extend our deepest condolences on the passing of the esteemed artist, Juanita C. Fragua. Her legacy as a skilled potter and dedication to showcasing the beauty of Jemez Pueblo's artistry have left an indelible mark. As an inaugural artist of the Indian Pueblo Store’s Pueblo Pottery Mug project, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share the beauty of Juanita’s work through her beautifully designed tanware mug, adorned with captivating polychrome elements including the corn, a celebration of her Corn Clan heritage. Over the years, we’ve laughed, celebrated, and enjoyed seeing the beautiful creations that Juanita has created.

Through her beautiful works of art, she became an integral part of the Santa Fe Indian Market, showcasing her work since 1971 and garnering acclaim and awards from prestigious Native art markets. Her impact extends beyond the tangible beauty of her pottery; Juanita Fragua was a cultural ambassador, a mother, a grandmother, a friend and over her lifetime contributed significantly to the promotion of Jemez artists.

May her spirit soar and her artistic contributions endure as a lasting tribute to her profound impact on Native American art.

Juanita C. Fragua was born in 1935, and has been actively crafting pottery since 1950. She is known for stone-polished tanware swirl pots, some with decorative polychrome elements.

Juanita belongs to the Corn Clan of Jemez Pueblo, which is often reflected by corn motifs in her work.

Probably one of the best-known artists from Jemez Pueblo, Juanita has made a significant contribution to promoting Jemez artists, and has won numerous awards from top Native art markets.

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