• Celebrated and award-winning Jemez artist
  • Skilled in traditional pottery making
  • Member of famed Jemez pottery family
Chrislyn Fragua, is an immensely talented potter from the Pueblo of Jemez. Since her debut in 1988, she’s specialized in crafting storytellers, sgraffito jars, bowls, figures, and nativity scenes. Following in the steps of traditional Jemez potters, she gathers clay and natural elements used for pigments from the hills of her homelands and carefully processes the elements to create her prized pieces. Taught the traditional ways from her mother Linda Lucero Fragua, also a well-noted potter, which she is currently passing on to her own daughter. A signature element seen in Chrisly’s storytellers are the large dots on the cheeks with small dots around the edges.

Whether you’re an experienced or novice collector or simply looking for a unique gift, any Chrislyn’ s pieces are sure to be a conversation piece cherished for generations.

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