Carmel Lewis Haskaya

  • Known for hand-painted traditional Acoma pottery designs
  • Daughter of the world-renowned, late Lucy M. Lewis
  • Features traditional symbols found on ancient potsherds
  • Award-winning SWAIA Artist
  • Award-winning Heard Artist
  • We Are the Seeds Artist

Carmel Lewis was born into the Acoma Sky City Pueblo in 1947. She is one of the daughters of the world-renowned, late Lucy M. Lewis. Lucy was Carmel’s biggest inspiration for learning the ancient traditional methods of working with natural handmade pottery. Carmel gathers her clay from the age-old sources within the Pueblo, mixing and coiling the clay by hand before firing outdoors in the traditional way. She is related to Emma Lewis-Mitchell, Dolores Lewis-Garcia (sisters), and Drew Lewis (brother).

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