Summer & Seashells

Presented by Shane Smith (Navajo)
Video: Isaac Valenzuela (Acoma/Navajo)

Lion’s Paw, Oysters, and Turquoise—Oh My!!
Hello, all my Elegant viewers! I sure hope you’re all keeping cool this summer! It’s hotter than a batch of Hatch green chile out here in Albuquerque, but on today’s Everyday Elegance I have a few new looks that will help keep you looking cool and amazing this summer, so let’s get this episode started!

Our first look starts out using a beautiful two-strand lion’s paw shell necklace that not only has the bright orange hues on the front, but also a stunning shade of purple on the back side. However you choose to wear this necklace, the sky’s the limit! Now, I utilized some of the t-shirts we had on our online store.
This one, for the first look, has the Pueblo basket design in the shape of a hot air balloon. It’s short-sleeved and is very lightweight, and can breathe as you’re out and about. Now, I didn’t want to take the focal point away from the necklace so I added some hints of sterling in the form of flower earrings, a soothing wave bracelet, and a ring that looks like a piece of green chile—LOL! All these aspects combined, and you have an outfit fit for a day running errands, or taking a nice relaxing walk in the New Mexico enchanted sunsets! Ahhhhh . . .

Hold up! There’s still one more outfit! Did you think we were done? Heck no, we always need options! Which is why I brought another necklace set against our exclusive 19 Pueblos of New Mexico t-shirt. Isn’t it beautiful? Green turquoise with spiny oyster corn accents in a graduated, single-strand necklace. Whew, someone throw some water on me because it just got even hotter up in here! Or, that could’ve just been because we decided to film out in the hot sunlight close to the afternoon.

But, anywho! What good is an outfit if you don’t have some accessories? Look at those lion’s paw earrings—nice and lengthy, but not too long. Perfect for days with your hair down or pulled back! And oh my god, Becky—look at that bracelet! It is like, so big! It looks like one of those Santa Fe girls’ bracelets...but who understands those Santa Fe girls? Ha ha! Snaps to you if you get the reference! But that bracelet deserves a shout-out. I mean look at those beautiful colors and that Boulder opal when it catches the sunlight—perfection! Speaking of which, check out the striking rhodochrosite ring—it looks like a mini pink planet set in sterling silver!

Here in New Mexico, style takes many forms, but it’s also derived from culture and traditions handed down—hence the use of the t-shirts and skirts. Back then, to keep cool you wouldn’t skimp down. Instead, you would layer up! Long sleeves kept your skin shielded from the sun, and your sweat from evaporating, which leads to dehydration. Over time, new fabric meant lighter and more breathable outfits. And with the right accessories, you can really take something and make it your own and take it from casual to couture!

Well, my Elegant Friends, thank you again for viewing our videos and giving us support! It’s an amazing feeling when I have a chance to meet you all in the store, and even when I’m out and about in Albuquerque! Thank you so much! And remember to get out there and start wearing those jewels!

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  • I love Shawn, he’s so sweet and charming and exuberant! I hope he makes more frequent videos!

    Cheryl Pacanowski

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