Michelle Tsosie Sisneros Small “Honoring Life” Print - Shumakolowa Native Arts
Michelle Tsosie Sisneros Small “Honoring Life” Print - Shumakolowa Native Arts
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Michelle Tsosie Sisneros Small ‚ÄúHonoring Life‚Äù Print - Shumakolowa Native Arts
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Michelle Tsosie Sisneros Small ‚ÄúHonoring Life‚Äù Print - Shumakolowa Native Arts

Michelle Tsosie Sisneros "Honoring Life" Print

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From Michelle Tsosie Sisneros, one of the most highly regarded Native American painters working today, comes a stunning print from her original painting titled‚ Honoring Life.

This print depicts the balance of life and longevity that the turtle is believed to embody. Sisneros is inspired by her Santa Clara, Navajo, and Laguna heritage, and the beauties of Mother Earth that surround her. This print will delight anyone who is inspired by the wonders of the natural world.

Mat color may vary.


  • Matted print by Michelle Tsosie Sisneros (Santa Clara/Navajo/Laguna)
  • Titled “Honoring Life”
  • Matted print measures L: 8 W: 10

Handcrafted works of Native American art require special care. For more information about proper care and cleaning, please read our Care Guide.

About the Artist

Michelle Tsosie Sisneros is a highly regarded contemporary artist of Santa Clara, Navajo, and Laguna descent. She is primarily a painter, but she also creates innovative handcrafted jewelry and pottery. Her painting style is abstract with some surrealist influences, yet her subjects are drawn from traditional Native American themes and include Pueblo women, yeis, clowns, deer, and landscapes. Sisneros’ painting process is extremely slow and deliberate. She begins with a sponge and acrylics, giving her work its signature mottled background, then carefully sketches and paints each figure with great detail. Finally, she embellishes each painting with additional elements, such as handprints, spirals, planets, and a speckled finish that she creates with a toothbrush.

In her life Sisneros has overcome great adversity, including alcoholism and an abusive husband, and she says of her work, “I paint now from my soul. The images I paint are from the people who touch my life in a profound way and the Mother Earth I live on.” Sisneros is also the illustrator of a children’s book, Kokopelli’s Gift, and has a line of greeting cards, bookmarks, magnets, and Christmas ornaments, many of which are hand-painted. She grew up in Window Rock, Arizona on the Navajo Nation, but now lives in Santa Clara Pueblo.

Collector's Guide

For centuries the Pueblo people have created petroglyphs and pictographs depicting their relationship with the natural world. Fine art painting is a relatively new medium for Native American artists, first practiced in the early 20th century by young Pueblo artists who drew upon their traditions and Euro-American modernist painting. Pueblo painting has become a vibrant and innovative art form that often depicts contemporary subjects and reaches new audiences. Read our Native American Sculpture and Painting Collector's Guide.

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