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Natalie Sandia

  • Known for Highly Polished Pottery
  • Detailed Designs 
  • Daughter of Geraldine Sandia

Natalie Sandia from Jemez Pueblo has long been creating highly polished pieces of pottery with finely detailed designs, and uses all-natural clays gathered from her pueblo’s land.

Natalie learned pottery-making from her mother, the renowned Geraldine Sandia. Natalie’s father, Wilbert Sandia, was also a potter, and the two of them would drive around the U.S. selling and delivering their family’s pottery.

A pottery shape referred to as “genie vases” is what Natalie is best-known for producing. She is of the Eagle Clan, and feather motifs regularly feature in her designs.

Artwork By Natalie Sandia

Natalie Sandia Pueblo Pottery Ceramic Travel Mug
Natalie Sandia Pueblo Pottery Ceramic Travel Mug - Shumakolowa Native Arts
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