Gabe Sice

  • Award-winning artist
  • Comes from a prominent family of Zuni carvers
  • Remarkable attention to detail

Hailing from a long line of Zuni carvers, Gabe Sice has embraced and refined his talent and creates intricate and thoughtful pieces that reflect the pueblo culture. Using the traditional method of carving into antler, Gabe's work predominantly focuses on bears and maidens; frogs are also one of his favorite animals to carve. His one-of-a-kind pieces are inlaid with turquoise, coral, lapis and penshell which adds tremendous detail and depth. The Zuni believe that animals have spiritual powers and fetishes, the carved animals, embody these spirits. Therefore, the carvings may be used for good luck, prosperity, and health.

Any of Gabe's pieces would look beautiful displayed in your home serving as a reminder of the rich traditions of the pueblo people.

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