• Husband & Wife award-winning artists
  • Known for using traditional stones within modern shapes
  • Innovative jewelers known for double-sided and reversible pieces

From the Pueblo of Santo Domingo, Frank Reano and his wife Charlene of San Felipe Pueblo combine their talents and have been making exquisite pieces since the early 1980s. Skilled artists in their own regard, their forty-year collaboration creates stunning and intricately designed pieces. The Reano’s specialize in mosaic, inlaid designs with Charlene focusing on the designs, cutting and setting of stones and Frank, with his fine attention to detail, handles the finishing work – further grinding and polishing to create its final look.

Frank and Charlene are truly a unique couple, and their innovative, award-winning pieces are most definitely eye-catching and heirloom-quality sure to be treasured for many generations.

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