Duane Maktima

  • Contemporary Jewelry Designer
  • Laguna Pueblo and Hopi
  • Known for building upon tradition through contemporary work with one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpieces
  • Inlay Designs Incorporating Rare & Exotic Gems
  • Distinguished Alumni Award NAU- College of Fine Arts Millennia 100 year celebration, 1990
  • Distinguished Alumni Award NAU- Advocate for Native American Arts, 1990
  • Hand selected Premier Artist Grand Opening NAMI, Washington D.C., Chesapeake Gallery, 2004

“It’s an honor to be a featured artist with Shumakolowa Native Arts. In the world I live in, it’s always a pleasure to be acknowledged for our creations and contributions. Starting out as a student, then a teacher, mentor and now a matured studio artist, in my 41 years of expression it’s nice to see our art being featured in new and exciting dimensions.” - Duane Maktima

Duane Maktima is a contemporary jewelry designer of Laguna and Hopi descent. The name Maktima means "searching for eagles." It is one he is certainly proud of. From his earliest beginning in the mid 70’s Duane began silversmithing after accepting a two year internship at the Museum of Northern Arizona University. In a career that has spanned over many years, Maktima has studied under many accomplished jeweler’s both Native American and non-Native but has a developed a recognizable style all his own. His designs come from prehistoric Native American designs, traditional and affluent inspirations: he utilizes old school techniques as well as infusing contemporary style, design and materials to set his work apart from other jewelers across the globe.

Duane Maktima has won many accolades and awards throughout his illustrious career. Too many to mention but this does not drive him to create. He feels a responsibility to support and advocate true art. Not a commodification of such. Each of his pieces are painstakingly crafted one at a time but the end result is a uniquely collectable piece created with honest craftsmanship utilizing only the finest materials. Currently, Duane and his family reside in Pecos, New Mexico. With his studio and shop only a few steps from his home. He feels blessed to each day wake to a wilderness view. A view which keeps him grounded and connected to mother earth.

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