Dolores Lewis Garcia

  • Known for hand-painted traditional Acoma pottery designs
  • Daughter of the world-renowned, late Lucy M. Lewis
  • Grinds potsherds into her clay
  • Award-winning SWAIA Artist
  • Award-winning Heard Artist
  • 1993 Taipei International Exhibition of Traditional Arts & Crafts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan.
  • We Are the Seeds Artist

Dolores Lewis Garcia (b. 1938), is a renowned potter from Acoma Pueblo who learned the historic art from her mother, famed potter Lucy M. Lewis. Garcia is inspired by the pottery of her Ancestral Puebloan (formerly referred to as Anasazi) ancestors and was one of the first to use designs of the Mimbres, an ancient people who lived in southern New Mexico around 1000 C.E.

Garcia believes it is important to preserve her cultural heritage and the spiritual quality of pottery-making by using traditional techniques and designs. She follows the traditional practice of grinding potsherds into her clay, which gives her vessels a spiritual quality.

Known for her beautiful hand-painted designs, Garcia creates pottery in traditional Acoma black-on-white or black, orange, and white styles with heart-line deer, hoof prints, and other animal designs.

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