• Highly sought after, world-famous flutist
  • Performed at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee, and the American Indian Powwow Gathering in Hawaii
  • Committed to sharing and educating on Native American practices
Andrew Thomas is a contemporary, self-taught flute player. A Native New Mexican and proud member of the Navajo Nation (Diné), he chose the flute to express his way of life, heritage, and culture. Mr. Thomas has been able to share his flute playing all over the United States and the world which he is thankful in that it allows him to connect with people of all cultures through music, something he deeply enjoys. In both his music and life in general, he is dedicated to preserving Native ways as well as spreading awareness for the need to share and communicate cross-culturally. He also cares deeply for protecting rights of all humans.

Mr. Thomas is a valued employee of Indian Pueblo Store and often gives educational presentations on the traditional items that can be found in the Store. His compelling and heartfelt music will enlighten and inspire you.

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