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Sakari Farms Cascadia Lava Hot Sauce

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These unique hot sauces feature ingredients grown on Sarkari Farms in Tumalo, Oregon. As a Native American company they also offer a seedbank and educational classes in addition to these packed full of flavor sauces. Pick your favorite and you'll be amazed on how delicious each is and how you're left wanting more!

Cascadia Lava: With a 5/5 heat level, Cascadia Lava, like the name implies, is hot! This one is for the pepper heads, a complex recipe with many levels that highlights all of the hottest peppers we grow here. Made in small batches with a mix of superhot peppers including : Carolina Reapers, Maruga Scorpions, 7 Pot, Pepper B, White Habanero, Chocolate Bhutlah, Peach Reapers and Ghost. Try some, we dare you!

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