A Touch of Turquoise

Presented by Shane Smith
Model:  Deanna Martinez
Video: Isaac Valenzuela

We are at our 4th episode of Everyday Elegance and I would just like to say thank you for all your feedback and support! It means so much to us here at Shumakolowa Native Arts and The Indian Pueblo Culture Center!

So without getting all mushy, Lol, let’s get right into our topics of discussion! Today we bring you not only one but two looks that you can achieve if you believe...Z snaps all around!

In our first look I took a beautiful Penny Singer (Navajo, Dine’) appliqué men shirt and combined it with a traditional sash belt! The overall theme being “A Touch of Turquoise!” Because even with all the Jewelry just look at what the blue of the turquoise does for the shirt...am I right? Haha! Anywho, I came up with this look 1) because we have a shortage of male models and 2) I know some women love the comfort of men’s shirts! So I took the shirt and use a traditional sash belt by Zuni artist Aric Chopito and gave it a more modern day appeal. I set the belt higher because, to be honest, I see ladies do this and I know why...to give the illusion of a smaller frame and waist. Me being a guy, I thought it was beautiful so I’m not trying to body shame or ignore my elegant fuller women out there. I to have a little secret...I’m not skinny. Lol.

Whew, now that we have that covered, let’s talk jewelry! First off, isn’t the necklace and earrings just stunning? They’re made by Dominic Arquero and every feather made out of rawhide and hand painted with precision and finished off with little red rhinestones! You would think this necklace looks heavy but surprisingly it’s light weight and won’t be hurting your neck at the end of the day! I know what some of you are thinking. You’re probably saying, Shane, I thought you said “If it ain’t hurtin, it ain’t workin!” Hold on I’m not done! Check out the beautiful bracelet by Navajo artist Ernest Rangel! OMG, I feel like if I wore this I could turn water into wine! Lol, it has 64 beautiful handpicked turquoise stones set in a nicely weighted carved tufa cast cuff!! But wait, I’m still not done! There’s also the Navajo artist Raynard Scott black leather bracelet with sterling silver design! Just look at how my coworker Deanna is pictured with those beauties on! The turquoise in the shirt and bracelet...unparalleled!

Now, I hope you saved some room for our next look cause here it is! I utilized a blue floral scarf and tied it in my co-workers hair and would you look at how well it looks with the Penny Singer shirt and Aric Chopito belt! Even without the jewelry it would still be beautiful...wait, did I just say that!? Must be the New Mexico heat wave getting to me because one should always have some jewelry on. Lol.

For this bold look, I took two Lee Charley (Navajo/Dine’) rug bracelets, one composed of all sliver, and the other with four coral stones at each corner and a single piece is turquoise in the middle. Lol, I jokingly told my coworker she looked like a Native version of Wonder Woman! But look at the beautiful natural luster of the silver as the sunlight reflects off those one of a kind bracelets!

Did you also see the bolo? Most people think that bolos need to be just under the collar and worn when you attend a rodeo. Well, that’s not true! We used a Charlotte and Percy Reano mosaic Inlay bolo as a necklace which, I must say, really complimented the shirt with its southwest and Native appeal. Even if we used a plain shirt or even a t-shirt you can still pull off this look!

Now, let’s talk about those earrings! Have you noticed them? These are made my artist JJ Otero and are composed of cedar and maple wood and finished with sterling silver hooks. Here at Shumakolowa, we are seeing a spike in the demand for more natural items being asked for and that’s what these earrings bring! I love how the earrings compliment the scarf and the dark of the shirt! In reality, these earrings can pair well with everyday items and won’t wear out your ears at the end of the day!

So with that being said and giving you an array of items and looks to see and try yourself, this concludes another episode of Everyday Elegance. I hope you enjoyed the items we bring to you. If you have any comments or questions about any of these items please don’t hesitate to hit us up on our social media sites! For those of you traveling to or thru Albuquerque, NM come on in to the Indian Pueblo Culture Center and Shumakolowa Native Arts and see us! There’s always something to do here at the Center!

Have a great day my Elegant Peeps and try to stay cool this summer!!


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  • All I can say it is all beautiful. you talked about the bolo, which is beautiful, I also wear one ever once in awhile. We have the on that is the official Arizona design. Love it! I really liked the feathers. I have a few things with the feather design. Have had them for years. I enjoy some of the new designs but what I have is vintage. Just a couple of new pieces. I enjoy your emails. fun to read and I get to see new designs. Keep up the good work.


    juanita elaine lintecum
  • Another Winner in your ongoing videos, Shane. David and I look forward to seeing what you and Isaac will explore each time. How lucky you are to have Deanna available to model as she is so photogenic. You all should feel good about what you are sharing with us “out here” The videos are informative and accessible because you are so comfortable in manner and approach. I feel like I’m in the store with you when I watch your presentation. It is so GOOD to see you speak spontaneously and naturally. That’s why the videos are so successful, for me. “Getting to know you” as the song goes….
    We send warm regards to all from Las Cruces! See you one of these days……….

    Bill Haushalter

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